Superintendent’s Message

k_goddenThe Shared Learning Conference has been a fixture in our district for the past sixteen years. The conference was originally established as an opportunity for staff from around the district to share their successful practice with colleagues in a myriad of curriculum areas. During that first year over 400 participants attended. Since that time the conference has grown tremendously and has become a part of the very fabric of our district. Year after year we continue to experience encouraging participation by staff from our forty-six schools. It is now quite common for the conference to support 1000 participants!
This year’s conference again promises to be an exciting one. As we unpack the redesigned curriculum, many of us have run headlong into the age old questions related to assessment, grading and reporting.  How do we assess and report student learning in a competency based curriculum?  This year Tom Schimmer will join us and help guide us in that conversation.
I wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to the members of the Conference Planning Committee who every year invest considerable time to making this conference successful. Through its many iterations one thing has remained unchanged about the Shared Learning Conference: It stands as a hallmark of the excellence in our District that binds us together in the learning enterprise. I hope you all enjoy the experience with friends and colleagues.

Kevin Godden
Superintendent of Schools
Abbotsford School District