Session A 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

**SOLD OUT** Session A01:  Standards Based Grading Practices 

Session A03:  Starbucks Your Classroom

Session A04:  How to Use 6 Chromebooks in Your Classroom
Presenters: David Ennis & Deirdre DeGagne
Target Audience: Grade 4 – 8 Teachers
In addition to ideas on how to utilize 6 Chromebooks in your classroom there will be a simulated classroom hands-on demonstration involving various stations for learning.

Session A05:  Library Services – Deep Dive
Presenter:  Zhi Su & Tambra Henderson
Target Audience:  ALL, Library Technicians
This session is recommended for all Library Staff.
This session will focus on the workflow in Destiny, the access to BC Digital Classroom via Destiny and the emerging demand for Google Apps and Google Classroom in the library learning commons.

**SOLD OUT**Session A07:   One More Item for Your Toolkit:  The Smile Program

**SOLD OUT**Session A10: Aboriginal Content in the Early Learning Environment

Session A11:  littleBits Circuits & ADST in Your Classroom
Presenters:  Karl Wodtke & Craig Amendt
Target Audience:  All teachers
This session introduces teachers to the littleBits world of circuit kits and provides a framework of how to create learning opportunities for the ADST curriculum. You will have a chance to work with littleBits while also learning ways you could incorporate any tool into your classroom to support learning of the ADST Curricular Competencies through inquiry. As a participant, you will have a chance to conquer a challenge and share out the process of learning.

*SOLD OUT** Session A13: It’s As Easy As ABC!

**SOLD OUT** Session A14:  Saferself – Sexual Exploitation of Abbotsford’s Youth

**SOLD OUT** Session A16:  Setting Up a Self-Regulation System
Presenters:  Leslie Carter & Kelly Earles

**SOLD OUT**Session A17:  Windows 10 for Beginners

Session A18:  MS Publisher – Basic
Presenter:  On-Track Corporate Training
Target Audience:  All Support Staff
This hands-on training session will provide skills needed to create a publication like a newsletter or poster.  This session will provide program basics, including layout and structure, formatting, editing pictures, preparing for distribution.  This session is available to all support staff – if you don’t normally use this program, it is a safe and easy way to try a new skill.

**SOLD OUT**Session A19:  MS Excel 2010 Skill Builder – Intermediate

**SOLD OUT**Session A20:  Photoshop for Beginners

Session A21:  Everything You Want to Know About Payroll
Presenter: Teresa Wertman – Payroll Manager
Target Audience:  ALL
Have you ever wondered…what is that on my pay statement…
why does it look the way it does? How does Payroll get this information to pay me correctly? We have all those answers and more. Our Payroll Team has prepared a presentation with handouts, geared for all classifications of employees from ADTA and Teamsters based on your unique payroll inquiries.
Please come with all your Payroll Questions and our Payroll Experts will be happy to answer them.

**SOLD OUT** Session A22:  Website Communications:  Content is Key

Session A23:  Tame the Outlook Inbox
Presenter:  Priority Management
Target Audience:  ALL
Email can be a source of anxiety and stress – too much comes in: too often we get interrupted and never seem to catch up with it all. Adjusting our behaviours and responses to how we manage emails can lead to improved productivity, better sense of control, and an empty inbox! Also, Outlook has built-in features and tools to help prioritize, triage and respond to your emails so that your email handling becomes quicker and more efficient.

**SOLD OUT** Session A24:  Mental Health Awareness

Session A26:  Education Assistant Open Forum
Presenter:  Melissa Sigouin, Manager, Human Resources & Jerry Loeppky, LSS Helping Teacher
Target Audience:  ALL EA’s
This Q & A-style session provides EA’s with an opportunity to better understand how Learning Support Services (LSS), the Teamsters Local Union, and Human Resources work together to support EA’s in our school district.

Session A 28:  Punjabi 101
Presenter:  Rajan Phulka
Target Audience:  ALL
If you have an interest for increasing your Indo-Canadian cultural awareness around practices and the Punjabi language, then this class is for you! Participants will learn and practice common Punjabi phrases to help them communicate more effectively with Indo-Canadian families. Bring your questions as there will be time at the end of the session for discussion

**SOLD OUT** Session A30:  Effective Communication at Work

Session A31:  Understanding Accommodation & Return to Work
Presenter:  Marnie Wright, Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Target Audience:  ALL
When an individual suffers from an injury or illness, returning to work can be an intimidating idea. This session will involve reviewing the basic concepts behind the duty to accommodate and return to work process. This session is particularly valuable for individuals who have been impacted by illness or injury, but all are welcome.

**SOLD OUT**Session A32:  Self Care After a Critical Incident

Session A33:  Google Classroom – Mission Control for Teachers
Presenter:  Bryon Carpenter & Shelley Putman
Target Audience:  Intermediate, Middle and Secondary Teachers
Google Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. Things that are old can be incorporated into the new. We just need to rethink how we engage students in this new era. Classroom is one such vehicle for engagement. During this workshop participants will play alongside each other in a Google Classroom as students and see what is possible for them to implement. accounts will be provided to session attendees prior to the workshop, to expedite learning time during the session. Please bring your teacher laptops and be ready to get Googling!

Session A35:  WHIMIS / MSDS
Presenter:  TBA
Target Audience:  ALL

This course is for those who need a refresher in knowledge handling Workplace Hazardous Materials and its Information System.  It contains both WHMIS Global Harmonized System (GHS) and WHMIS 1988 and is structured to help the everyday person understand, retain and put into practice their WHMIS GHS knowledge.

**SOLD OUT** Session A37:  Living with Stress

A38 – Arabic 101
Presenter:  Rena Shohmelian
Participants will learn and practice common Arabic phrases to help them communicate more effectively with Syrian families.  Bring your questions, as there will be time at the end of the session for discussion.