Session B 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

**Session B01: Standards Based Grading Practices
Presenter:  Tom Schimmer from Schimmer Education Consulting
Whether their school or district has fully adopted a standards-based reporting system, teachers can ensure that the grades they report are accurate by developing a standards-based mindset. Even when traditional grades are still required, a standards-based mindset more effectively allows teachers to determine a student’s level of proficiency. While developing this mindset can represent the heavy-lifting of the grading conversation, it is essential that teachers approach grading with clarity and focus. As well, this session will highlight the importance of examining our grading practices through the lens of student confidence and why school needs to be so much more than the simple accumulation of the requisite number of points.

Session B02:  Sketchnoting: Getting Kids to Draw What They Think
Presenter:  Kaylie Rooke
Target Audience:  Grade 3 – 12 Teachers
How can we infuse more thinking and creativity into the note taking experience? How could visuals open up and preserve thought processes, and increase our retention of facts? In this workshop, teachers will explore the basis and fundamentals of sketchnoting and develop basic skills to get started with students.

Session B03:  ADST and Coding – Grades 4-5, 6-8
Presenter:  Michelle Middleton
Target Audience:  Grade 4 – 8 Teachers
This session is for teachers who are interested in incorporating coding into their classrooms.  This session will introduce teachers to what coding is and to online sites such as Hour of Code that can be used with the technology in their classroom. Please bring a district approved laptop to this session.

Session B04:  Curriculum Competencies & ELL’s
Presenter:  Sandra VanHove
Target Audience: Elementary Teachers
This workshop will take a closer look at the language structures and demands that ELL learners are assumed to know in order to reach the core/curricular competencies in the Revised Curriculum. Teachers will be provided with strategies in order to better equip their students with the language skills needed in order to be successful. A major focus will be on using oral language, academic vocabulary and explicit instruction in the elementary classroom.

Session B05:  How to Use 6 iPads in Your Classroom
Presenters:  David Ennis & Deirdre DeGagne
Target Audience: K – 3 Teachers
In addition to ideas on how to utilize 6 iPads in your classroom there will be a simulated classroom hands-on demonstration involving various stations for learning.

**SOLD OUT** Session B06: Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Assessing Risk Behaviour

Session B08:  littleBits Circuits & ADST in Your Classroom

Presenters:  Karl Wodtke & Craig Amendt
Target Audience:  K – 12 Teachers
This session introduces teachers to the littleBits world of circuit kits and provides a framework of how to create learning opportunities for the ADST curriculum. You will have a chance to work with littleBits while also learning ways you could incorporate any tool into your classroom to support learning of the ADST Curricular Competencies through inquiry. As a participant, you will have a chance to conquer a challenge and share out the process of learning.

Session B09:  Our Bountiful Bounty
Presenters:  Cyndi Orth & Chris Kelly
Target Audience: All
In this session we will share information about the many plant foods that have been traditionally gathered and preserved here in the Fraser Valley. Participants will share Halq’emeylem language, receive handouts and prepare some berries into jam for a take home.

Session B10: Demystifying the Psych Ed Report
Presenter:  Kim Wolff  
Target Audience:  All
Ever wonder what all those fancy words mean?
Participants will:
• Learn about the terminology used in psych ed reports
• Learn why we assess students
• Find out just what kind of questions the psych ed report will answer

Session B11: Khan Academy – Math
Presenter:  Malcolm Campbell
Target Audience: All Teachers
Unlock the power of Khan Academy’s coach dashboard to differentiate instruction in math and monitor student progress from any location. Spend less time on whole-class instruction and more time helping individual students or small groups based on specific learning needs.
Note: Bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone that can connect to district wifi.

**SOLD OUT** Session B12:  Practical Strategies for Self-Regulation in the Classroom

Session B13:  The Welcome Project
Presenters:  Darlene MacDonald & Christine Seymour
Target Audience:  All Support Staff
Participants will learn about an introduction to aboriginal culture and history and the impact on aboriginal families and students in our schools. You will learn about the important role every employee involved in education plays to create a culturally safe and welcoming environment for all students. Participants will receive a certificate for participation. This is a repeat of the session offered on October 21. This session is for all support staff with an emphasis on clerical.

**SOLD OUT** Session B15: Effective Strategies for EA’s Supporting Language Learners

Session B16:  Integrating Sharing Circle in the Classroom
Presenters:  Rebecca Wyse & Pearl Baye
Target Audience:  All
Protocols, strategies and ideas to incorporate a Sharing Circle into your classroom.   Teachers will make a Talking Stick to use.

Session B17:  MS Excel 2010 Skill Builder – Intermediate
Presenter:  On-Track Corporate Training
Target Audience:  ALL
This is one session you do not want to miss, join this highly experienced trainer to take your MS Excel skills to the next level. This hands-on course involves managing tables, quick tips on making lists, advanced functions to help you get the most out of data, learn to use pivot tables and securing confidential documents.

Session B18: Photoshop for Intermediate
Presenter:  On-Track Corporate Training
Target Audience:  ALL
This hands-on course will assist you in learning photoshop’s more advanced skills including mastering using layers and improving your overall image.

Session B19:  Everything You Want to Know About Payroll
Presenter:  Teresa Wertman – Payroll Manager
Target Audience:  ALL
Have you ever wondered…what is that on my pay statement…
why does it look the way it does? How does Payroll get this information to pay me correctly? We have all those answers and more.
Our Payroll Team has prepared a presentation with handouts, geared for all classifications of employees from ADTA and Teamsters based on your unique payroll inquiries. Please come with all your Payroll Questions and our Payroll Experts will be happy to answer them.

Session B20:  Getting Hired – From Online Application to Interview

Presenter: Karen Baldissera, Manager, Human Resources
& Christine Schulz, Manager, Human Resources

Target Audience: ALL
This interactive session will give you a insiders look at how to prepare your online application using our HR etools, and what kind of information we need to shortlist. With regards to interviewing, learn to prepare for different types of questions. Use your job interview preparation to create a professional growth plan.

Session B21: FOIPPA – Social Media Protocols

Presenter:  Cheryl McLeod
Target Audience:  ALL
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy is complex enough, now add social media to the mix. Do you want clarification about the permissions and considerations required before uploading that image or article to twitter, facebook or instagram?  This session is about the FOIPPA requirements and not a hands on session about social media.

Session B22: Hiring the Boss – Leadership Competencies Focus Group

Session B23:  Making Time Work for You
Presenter:  Morneau Shepell
Target Audience:  ALL
Most of us are often under some kind of pressure to produce results; however, it may feel as though the day is not long enough to be able to meet all of our commitments and deadlines. This session will teach participants that they cannot control time but can control their actions and priorities. By understanding and applying the principles of personal management around time, they’ll be able to transform an overwhelming day into a productive and satisfying one. Learning objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to do the following: • Understand the importance of prioritization. • Develop an effective to-do list based on their priorities. • Discuss techniques for managing interruptions and overcoming procrastination.

Session B24:  Retiring Without Debt

Session B25:  EA Competencies Focus Group
Presenter: Melissa Sigouin, Manager, Human Resources
Target Audience:  ALL
What are the most important skills and abilities that a high performing Education Assistant needs to be successful? Help establish the standard for hiring new education assistants into the district by defining the essential skills in this interactive session.

Session B27:  Learning the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA)
Presenter:  Naomi Jenner
Target Audience: Bus Drivers, Custodians, Library Techs and all other employees who are not familiar with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
Come and learn about this important aspect of being an employee of the School District and what role you need to play within it.

Session B 28:  MyEducation BC:  Filters, Fieldset, Queries and Quick Reports
Presenter:  Sandra Kipling
Target Audience:  “School view” users (clerical, secondary school counsellors, VP’s and Principals)
Learn how to create your own filters, fieldsets, queries and quick reports in MyEducation BC.

**SOLD OUT**Session B29:  Cyber Safety

Session B31:  Drug Awareness/Trends and the Fentanyl Crisis
Presenter:  Abbotsford Police Department
Target Audience:  ALL

**SOLD OUT** Session B32:  Moving from Inclusion to Differentiation – Giving Every Child What They Need to Succeed

Session B34:  Custodian & Head Custodian Round Table
Presenter:  Albert Klade
Target Audience:  All Custodians
This course is an opportunity for all custodians to learn from each other and find proactive solutions to help you in your day to day work.  Bring along examples of challenges and issues you are facing at your school.  Class will be broken into smaller groups to provide opportunities for discussion.